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Web Design and Development

Although the Fiddlisa project was abandoned by the client, I'm happy enough with the direction it was going in to want to show it off here. A few ragged edges remain, and it's clearly unfinished, but it represents some important steps in my own progress. Namely:

I once took a class from Austin Community College on HTML and CSS. A few weeks into it, I realized that these were languages without intelligence, so I undertook teaching myself PHP. I knew I wanted a personal portfolio site as my class project, and that was the beginning of, the site you're looking at.

Rariora is the first site I can claim full ownership for. Knowing what I know now, there's a lot that I wish I'd have done differently code-wise and architecturally, but it's my home. It's where I continue to live and learn.

I do think HTML and CSS are actually very cool for what they can do, though I'm now turning my attention to doing my CSS in a procedural language.

As for doing my project in PHP, the instructor said I had "far exceeded the scope of the course." He was also very intriqued with the procedural backgrounds I'd done in Processing. I got an A.

100 Pillars was an Aikido organization I was trying to help get started. The web site is from my pre-coding days, but art direction and content creation are mine. Code credit goes to Jeremy Cumbo.