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I call it

sleep surfing
I lie next to you
floating in the dark
current of night

listening to you breathe
the sound of waves
rising and falling

Into my own breath,
your salt warm flesh
rushes on the sea breeze
my hands and my arms,
my legs move, timed 
with the waves,
mounting the sled
of your

and turn
in your depths
soft as water
While I, tense,
poised, move, am
moved by this vast ocean
straining with the rhythm
of the sets, looking for
the perfect

your hand slips
along the white foam
of the sheets
brushes my lips
and settles there
Rolling, the crest of your hip
sends my arm sliding
into the liquid cradle
of your trough
where my heart
speeds forward
where there is
thunder in my ears
and my fingers
brush the

skimming along through the night
whose waters fold
over us
in the divine
hollow space
worshipping at speed
deep within the hallowed green chamber

Your dreams
know what I am doing
and your body knows
what I am doing
but you also surf
in the aquiescence
of your sleep